Lab Presentation and Open Positions

The Laboratory for NanoIntegrated Systems (LNIS) research aims at developing low-power high-performance versatile computing systems by exploring the opportunities coming from novel EDA techniques and their links to emerging device technologies. Projects are carried out in an interdisciplinary team with a wide range of competences and in close collaboration with other labs and partners.

Prospective PhD and MSc/BSc students are encouraged to apply to the research group at the University of Utah.

Interested applicants shoud send a CV and a research statement by e-mail to Dr. Gaillardon at the following address:


Latest News

NEWS 09/12/2020: Paper "Read your Circuit: Leveraging Word Embedding to Guide Logic Optimization" has been accepted by the ASP-DAC 2021 conference. Congrats to Walter!

NEWS 09/10/2020: The LNIS welcomes three new members: Grant, Clément and Nate.

NEWS 09/01/2020: An article about curb air pollution monitoring has been released by the COE from the University of Utah.

NEWS 07/20/2020: Pierre-Emmanuel Gaillardon received the ACM SIGDA Outstanding New Faculty Award!

NEWS 06/30/2020: The paper "Layout Considerations of Logic Designs Using an N-layer 3D Nanofabric Process Flow" has been accepted by the VLSI-SoC 2020 conference.

NEWS 05/16/2020: The paper "OpenFPGA: An Opensource Framework for Agile Prototyping Customizable FPGAs" has been accepted by the IEEE Micro journal.

NEWS 05/15/2020: An article about the recent work on the pollution monitoring has been released by the University of Utah.

NEWS 01/20/2020: The paper "C2TIG: Dynamic C2MOS Design Based on Three-Independent-Gate Field-Effect Transistors" has been acepted by the IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology.

NEWS 11/07/2019: The paper "A Scalable Mixed Synthesis Framework for Heterogeneous Networks" has been accepted by the 2020 DATE conference.

NEWS 11/04/2019: Prof. Gaillardon received the IEEE CEDA Ernest S. Kuh Early Career Award for his contributions to Electronic Design Automation targeting emerging logic and memory technologies! Picture here.